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WEEK FIFTY-SIX, -SEVEN & -EIGHT: Roof Completion, Exterior Trim and Misc. Interior Work


The past few weeks have been almost entirely focused on closing up the exterior. Access doors, drain plugs, and most importantly: the new roof which has haunted me for months. At last the luan was put down with drywall tape over all seams, all uneven areas patched with self-leveling floor compound (to reduce potential water pooling) and Dicor EPDM roof adhered. For now it may look dirty due to all the walking I've done on it but it's water tight. Success.

Exterior Trim

After the roof was adhered the new J-rail (ordered from VTT here) was applied. The aluminum is flexible so that it can easily be hand-bent to achieve the tight corner radius that you'll often found on these older trailers.

Vertical Cabinet

The last (major) thing I had to build was the vertical cabinet located between the bathroom and the refrigerator. This will house the stereo, storage cabinets (with access to the electrical panel), and the wall-mounted propane heater. The cabinet is faced with the same Okoume wood veneer as the ceiling.

Miscellaneous Interior Work

The rest is just wrapping up what's left of the inside. I even decided to do some last minute ceramic tile work. To be continued...

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