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WEEK FIFTY-FOUR & FIFTY-FIVE: Roof and Stereo Wiring


Quick post this week as I make a few big steps and close out a bunch of small work on the interior. Roof work previously completed: wiring run, rafters up, solar panel blocking in place, first layer of 3/4" insulation down. I kept the first layer of insulation as continuous as I could meaning that this second layer of 1" rigid was going to be sliced and diced to accommodate wire runs as well as tapered to follow the roof slope. I used a planer to achieve the slope and it was a) a horrid mess and b) probably not the most efficient method, but it was on hand and it worked. After this the roof was covered with 1/8" luan (the same RevolutionPly used for interior walls) to provide a substrate for the EPDM roof.

Stereo Wiring

While I've heard that the wiring for car radios is beyond easy I hadn't a clue and was offered the help of another gracious friend. Half a days work, a few beers and some low-quality photos later I was left with a fully functioning stereo system. I definitely learned something however I don't think I'd trust myself beyond configuring the plugs for the speakers. Thanks Mike!

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