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Air Conditioner

While it wasn't in my original plan, an air conditioner was incorporated along the way after some difficult summer work days. I decided on a relatively small 5,000 BTU Frigidaire model and the objective was to locate the AC inside to avoid it looking something like this (eek):

So, the journey began to figure out exactly how one vents and cools an AC when it's located inside a cabinet with no immediate air flow. While not the optimal condition, it is possible! The exhaust air coming from the back of my AC is sent out through a standard 4" round dryer vent (bought at Home Depot); this exhaust air is isolated within an insulated box that encapsulates the rear portion of the unit using 3/4" rigid foam. This keeps the heat from being transferred as fresh air is pulled in through (2) 6" x 6" vents located on either side. I've kept the AC on several times and the air blows cool. That's while the camper is inside a warm building with no breeze, so I'm feeling optimistic.

As far as trim goes... I was stuck for a minute trying to figure out how to properly finish around the front face while allowing room for future access without tearing apart the whole cabinet (especially since the AC is fastened to the framing to prevent damage during travel). My current solution uses magnets to hold the frame in place and the fit is snug.


The sliding door below the rear bed is in place. The wall cabinet in the bedroom is built but not complete as this will also be a drop-down desk. Floating shelves in the bathroom have been built. I'm also finally getting around to finishing the sliding drawers below the stove, one being compartmentalized for silverware.


Windows are being framed. I was initially planning on these being painted though I think that the wood might be a good pop in a field of white. Otherwise trim is ongoing in the bedroom and bathroom with the main cabin next.

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