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WEEK FIFTY & FIFTY-ONE: Exterior Door, Roof Insulation, Trim & Battery Power!

Exterior Door

The exterior door jamb is constructed of 1x3 square edge boards that are fastened into the 1x wall framing; this gives the proper depth for the door to recess into the opening. The door threshold is a metal pan and while this is in place, it's pretty beat up and I'm leaning towards having it re-fabricated. To be continued.

The door closes, and all edges sealed with foam weatherstripping that I grabbed at Lowes.

Roof Insulation

The roof will be insulated with two layers of OC Foamular 250 rigid foam: the first is 3/4" thick (R-4) and will sit between the 1x rafters, and the second will be 1" thick (R-5) and tapered to follow to profile of the roof rafters. My handy friend Caitlin spent much painstaking time over the past couple of weeks cutting, scoring, and planing insulation. It came together quickly and the entire first layer is down.

Trim & Roof Vents

Caitlin also spent a lot of time cutting 1/4" x 1-1/2" poplar boards to size for interior window trim. I started putting them up, and I also finished the trim in the bathroom in order to get the black water tank vent in place.

Battery Power!

The batteries are installed and providing power! Wahoo! I left the lights on overnight powered only by battery and the voltmeter read precisely the same (12.7 V) after 24 hours. LED for the win.

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