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WEEK FORTY-THREE: Cabinet Hardware, Rear Bedroom Framing & More Paint

Upper Cabinet Hardware

After installing the upper kitchen cabinets, it became quickly apparent that the weight of the hard wood doors would be problematic. They were just heavy enough to be inconvenient. I did some research and decided on these lid stays from Amazon. The reviews outlined that these worked for camper applications, so I gave them a shot. They're easy to install and the hardware easily interchanged for a range of applications (thin 1x framing in my case). Each lid stay holds about 10lbs of weight and only one was required per door. They turn smoothly, look good and are pretty cost effective. Overall very happy.

Rear Bedroom Framing

Upper cabinet faces framed in. Rear wall constructed and installed. This leaves only the last upper panel at the front end and all exterior framing will be in place!

Interior Painting

Inside painting continues... I'm typically not at all about purely white interiors, but with the rich wood of the ceiling panels I really want to lighten up the space. A mix of grey cabinetry will bring it all together.

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