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WEEK FORTY: Wheel Well Insulation, Rear Bed, Plumbing & Misc. Framing

Wheel Well Insulation

The second wheel well (located below the refrigerator) had a bit less space for insulation than the one beneath the kitchenette. Until now I wasn't sure what to use but as I was browsing a local Habitat Restore I came across a roll of duct insulation. It's thin, self-adhesive and perfect for curved applications. I applied two layers and called it a day.

Rear Bed

Front face of the frame built. Wood slat frame interconnects to allow frame to slide back and forth between bed and sofa positions.


PEX plumbing ran to the bathroom for toilet and shower faucet.

Misc. Framing

Rear end horizontal support installed; corner boards notched in order to provide additional sway bracing. Air conditioner purchased and framing roughed in.

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