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WEEK THIRTY-EIGHT: More Plumbing, More Electrical...


Equipment installed:

  • 40 gallon Fresh water tank

  • SHURflo Revolution Water Pump

  • SHURflo Accumulator Tank (regulates water pressure)

  • SHURflo Twist-On Pipe Strainer (catches debris before entering the pump)

  • Atwood Water Heater, GC6AA-10E DSI Gas and Electric Combo

Fresh water tank provided (4) fittings: (2) were 1-1/2" female connections, the others 1/2". These connection will be used for the 1-1/4" ID gravity fill (if you were to fill the tank with a garden hose per say), the 1/2" ID vent hose, the 1/2" ID water line, and the 1/2" ID tank drain. All threaded fittings wrapped with Teflon tape to seal connections. PEX fittings joined with clamp connections and hose clamps used for vinyl tubing. Bypass assembly built for the hot water tank; the bypass valve diverts water from the tank and from what I gather the core purpose is to prevent anti-freeze from entering the tank while winterizing. Sink drain installed using original pipe trim and new stainless steel 1-1/2" ID pipe flanges.


Outlets, lights and switches hooked up to the exterior 15 amp inlet which is used to bring in 15A/125V shorepower. Switches and lights are now functional simply by hooking the trailer up to a household extension cord. I purchased a 12V dimmer switch on Amazon and thus far I'm extremely happy with it. The lights dim smoothly and the switch feels well built. Planning for battery install later this week.

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