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WEEK THIRTY-SEVEN: Last Ceiling Panel, Dinette Shelf & Plumbing Begins

Last Ceiling Panel

Last ceiling panel shellac'd and put in place. Since this panel isn't supported by any cabinets I went ahead and added the arched rafter for support before installing. New rafter traced from an original piece. It gave it good rigidity and when combined with the trim pieces at either side, the panel sits firm. Last ceiling light installed and ready to go.

Dinette Shelf

This corner cabinet houses a 6" speaker, 110V power outlet and 12V charging station. It takes advantage of the limited space in what otherwise would have been a relatively unusable corner. The shelf it sits on lifts open for additional storage behind the dinette seat.

Plumbing Begins

Schematic plan laid out and fixture install begins. Sink is a Moen single-basin bar sink that was meant to be dropped in but I chose to undermount it by using L-brackets. I went with a bathroom faucet for smaller size and that was snagged at Ikea (Model: Runskär). All piping to be PEX tubing; when installed correctly it's fast, cost effective, resists corrosion and will not burst should the water lines freeze. Most modern RV plumbing systems utilize PEX.

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