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WEEK THIRTY-THREE: Third Ceiling Panel, Bathroom Framing & Shellac Troubles

Another Ceiling Panel

Third (and almost last!) ceiling panel installed. Bathroom and dinette construction can now begin.

Bathroom & Dinette Framing

Shower surround dropped in place before setting the third ceiling panel. 3/4" rigid insulation board applied to the bathroom walls in order to limit heat gain/loss in the main cabin from the recessed black water tank. Second dinette bench built using original pieces for the lower front and backrest since they were lightweight and solidly built. Seat is made with new 3/8" plywood.

Shellac Troubles

When finishing the wood veneer for the dinette table I chose to use shellac against better judgement. 1) It does not deal well with moisture and 2) it's known to react poorly with other finishes such as polyurethane and epoxy. I really wanted the depth and warmth that the shellac gives so I eventually tracked down an answer - Zinsser offers the Seal Coat sanding sealer which acts as a binder between shellac and other topcoat finishes (such as epoxy in this case). It worked beautifully on most of the table but one corner started to bubble up. I cut away the lifting epoxy which led to half the table being stripped. The other half is still intact and seemingly adhered.

I'm not sure if I didn't use an adequate amount of sanding sealer or if an air bubble in the epoxy created the pocket. Now to decide if I should strip it all off or re-finish it again in the same manner. For now, putting it aside and seeing if it starts to peel away in other areas.

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