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WEEK THIRTY-ONE: Stove Hood, Windows & RV Consultation

Stove Hood

The original stove hood was rusted, chipping paint and the screen on the sliding vent was deteriorating. A steel buffing wheel was used to remove what I could of the rust and paint, and the screen was completely replaced. I refinished it with Rust-Oleum High Heat Enamel in a simple white finish to match the upper cabinets.


All windows (a total of 9) need heavy cleaning due to oxidation and rust residue. Several screens are in need of replacing as well. I spent a bit of time this weekend scrubbing the frames with an S.O.S. pad and mineral spirits though it's not much to show until complete. Thus far it's proving to be a long, substantially painful effort... work in progress.

Electrical/Propane Consultation

Peter Flanders from Ocean Breeze RV came by today to give an evaluation of where things stand in regards to the electrical and propane install. The good: now is a right point to consider electrical wiring given that the exterior skins are off and walls are open so snaking wires around isn't an issue. The not-so-good: while most necessary walls are in place I've been holding off on the bathroom/dinette build until I can rabbet the top of the remaining walls for the last two ceiling panels; not completing this in the fall has proven to be a big hold up since I can't maneuver the router around any interior partitions, hence I can't move forward with the bathroom build. There isn't adequate height clearance to work on the roof inside and lately the weather hasn't been cooperating enough to take the trailer outside. So once the bathroom walls/dinette are in place I can locate all of the fixtures and electrical install can begin. Propane is a much simper situation since it appears the existing cast iron pipes can remain (unless the test later yields there is propane leakage) and all that's needed are the copper tube connections. Currently aiming for early- or mid-May.

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