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WEEK TWENTY-NINE: Flooring & RV Electrical Systems


LVT flooring inlay cut and assembled in preparation for future install. I was surprised to find that after scoring the plank deep enough I could bend the tile until it gave and peeled apart. Flooring will be one of the last things to go in and Mannington recommends a minimum temperature of 65°F/maximum of 100°F. Current goal for completion is June so this coincides well.


My camper came with working exterior running lights but all of the interior electrical had been removed. Ocean Breeze RV in North Hampton, NH has been a savior; they really take the time to answer my (many) questions and a good chunk of Saturday morning was spent guiding me through the workings of modern RV electrical systems. I bought a recommended guide and started reading up but quickly decided not to gamble on doing any of this work myself. I just wanted to know the basics: how parts of a schematic drawing relate, battery type/capacity, amp-hours, when to use 110V AC versus 12V DC, converters versus inverters, and sizing of the solar setup. The current plan is for Ocean Breeze to do the electrical work on-site while it's all open and I scheduled an estimate for two weeks from now to start the process.

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