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Dinette Table

This week was spent refurbishing the dining table. Instead of rebuilding it entirely I removed the damaged veneer on the underside and laminated the top with the 1/32" Okoume (the existing formica top was so well adhered that removing it wouldn't have been worth the effort). The pattern incorporates the repeated diamond geometry and this was drawn directly onto the table so that patterns could be cut using trace paper. All wood cuts achieved with a simple blade and panels glued down with Liquid Nails heavy duty adhesive. Trim cleaned with mineral spirits and fine steel wool.

Finishing technique: (1) coat clear shellac, (3) coats amber shellac, (1) coat Zinsser Seal Coat, (1) coat epoxy resin. One thing I've learned working with shellac is that it doesn't adhere well in direct contact with other finishes such as polyurethane or epoxy. The Zinsser Seal Coat is specifically intended to create a barrier that is applied on top of the shellac that will bind to the final top coat finish.

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