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WEEK TWENTY-SIX: Interior Renders, Cabinetry & Hardware

Plans diverted due to a pretty cold New England winter (pretty cold meaning a propane heater couldn't compensate for poor building insulation and I couldn't feel my fingers enough to keep working). Several holidays, two exams and a season later I'm picking things up again.

Interior Renders

While I'd made small commitments I hadn't sat down to finalize how it was all coming together and this was holding back decisions. The winter gave me time to settle on the scheme below; it incorporates a hybrid of original Shasta design elements (the diamond accents in the floor and doors, the curved profile of vintage Shasta cabinets imitated in the doorway, vintage hardware, warm amber wood tones and original layout) while providing higher quality finishes, a more private rear bedroom and maximized storage opportunities.

Kitchen Cabinets & Hardware

Paint: step one was picking a gray tone for the cabinet finish. Ten paint samples later I decided on Valspar's 'Grey Suit'.

Handles: I purchased a large set (20+) of boomerang handles and when they arrived they were heavily tarnished. Mineral spirits, fine steel wool and a buffing wheel revealed a darker chrome-like finish.

Hinges: it appears the hinges that came with the trailer are original. The rusted ones will take more work but most of them cleaned up with the mineral spirits and fine steel wool.

Built-In Vertical Shelf

Vertical cubby adjacent to the stove for small oddities. The box is constructed of 3/8" plywood, shelves of 3/16" Balsa wood. Notches are angled at 15 degrees and all cuts were easily achieved using a chop saw.

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