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WEEK TWENTY-FOUR: Plumbing, Plumbing, Plumbing...

Shower & Black Water Tank Piping

This week was all about rebuilding the piping for the shower drain and black water tank. After FINALLY getting under there and removing the old parts I was able to match up the fittings and rebuild almost exactly what was originally there.

Currently hunting for a replacement pipe that will attach directly to the tank; there is a lock-nut type of fitting that I would like to preserve though it's proving difficult to find a 3" pipe with a 1/4" lip (see last image below). The old PVC piece was able to be repaired with all-purpose cement but I'm unsure as to how long this would hold.

Cheap-o Lumb-o

I discovered Lowes and Home Depot both sell lumber at ridiculous discounts right in back where they cut wood. Lowes has a free bin of all their scrap wood that I scored a few smaller pieces from, but it really takes a dedicated search. Home Depot sells damaged/warped pieces at a 70% discount and while it's not free it's pretty dang close. I was able to get a bunch of 1x square edge boards that I can cut down to make good use of. Wahooo!

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