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WEEK TWENTY-THREE: Cabinets, Aluminum Backsplash & More Plumbing

Refrigerator Cabinet

Housing for the refrigerator framed in. I cut the hole for the vent and laid out the framework for the cabinetry. Focus: notching around the wheel well, providing adequate support for the fridge shelf, allowing access to the gas lines at the floor below and maximizing usable storage space.

Upper Cabinet Finished framing the upper kitchen cabinet and lifted into place. Currently well secured from both the inside and outside, additional fastening at the roof will wait until the spring.

Aluminum I opted out of ordering a new backsplash in hopes of being able to preserve the original. It was coated in grease and other unknown residue but most was lifted using mineral spirits and fine steel wool (0000). I finished it with a buffing wheel and metal polishing compound.

Plumbing I finally was able to make real headway. After trying to grease and loosen with no success, and then trying to cut with no success, I've decided to leave the flange in place but removed the broken edges in order to lay the plywood down and fit a new flange to it. Secondly I was able to remove the entire exterior section that included the black water tank fittings and shower drain. I gathered the parts needed to rebuild the shower portion from Home Depot, but will head over to an RV supply center for the guillotine valve and other camper-specific parts. Black ABS isn't seemingly as readily available but still preferred so I'll be investigating this week before assembling anything permanently.

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