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WEEK TWENTY-TWO: Black Water Tank (continued), Kitchen Counter & Upper Cabinet

Black Water Tank Situation: closet flange rusted and broken, impossible to get loose. I've tried WD-40 and hammering it with a crowbar. No budging. I tried to rig a pseudo-wrench with a piece of angle steel and some bolts that would fit into the flange but that didn't do a thing. In the end I hacked the rotted plywood off layer by layer and I'm hoping to get at the flange with a Sawzall this coming week, at which point a new adapted fitting should work just fine.

Kitchen Counter After running out of blocks and waiting on two more 250-count boxes (to think I was going to do the floor... ha!) I finished laying the counter surface. I used a Black & Decker planer to remove the top finish and was left with a beautiful mosaic beneath. Afterwards I was able to cut the outside edges with a Rotozip saw and the inside edges were finished with the plunge router using an end-bearing bit. Currently working on sanding down the top and edges.

Upper Kitchen Cabinet I laid out the framing for the upper cabinet in Google SketchUp, keeping in mind the original stove hood vent location, and got to building the front face of the cabinet. So far so good.

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