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WEEK NINETEEN: Moving Inside, More Ceiling Panels and Kerfing

Tow-tal Success The ramp is in and we managed to tow the Shasta down the driveway, into the street, across the bumpy lawn and up the ramp while staying completely intact. I even got to hitch my first ride since I've owned it. Smooth sailing.

2nd Ceiling Panel All roof seams sealed with Eternabond RoofSeal Repair Tape. It adheres to all substrates and is pressure activated to create a water tight seal against any possible leaks. I will be coating the roof but decided to use this as extra assurance. I pulled back the roof, routed the next wall section and dropped in the second panel.

Curves & Kerfing In preparation for some rounded cabinetry elements I have been testing a technique called kerfing; this is used to implement curves with wood framing. By cutting slits into the wood, roughly 1/16" shy of the total depth, you are able to bend the framing to achieve a surprisingly small radius. While the cuts were rough this was easily achieved with a table saw.

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