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WEEK EIGHTEEN: Shellac Troubles, LVT Flooring & Cabinet Finishes

Ceiling Shellac & Moisture When I chose shellac for the ceiling finish I was aware that it didn't react well with moisture. Now that it's getting cooler out, there's condensation overnight and I've found tiny pin-sized bubbles where the shellac is raising from moisture. Fortunately shellac is really easy to sand down and re-finish (one of the greatest benefits) so it won't be an issue. Just means no more panels will be put in before the camper gets inside. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

LVT Flooring Flooring came in this week! I'll be putting down Mannington Amtico Series LVT tiles that have a wood-look with a really nice grain texture. The finishes are Rosewood and American Cherry; the cherry will bring in the color of the ceiling panels.

Cabinet Updates Part II The doors are primed and they're basically ready for install after paint & hardware. Overall this was a really easy and cost effective update that could work in any application.

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