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WEEK SEVENTEEN: Bathroom Plumbing, Cabinet Updating and Another Ceiling Panel

Bathroom Plumbing Before I can frame in any part of the bathroom I have to resolve 1) the broken wastewater (guillotine) valve on the exterior and 2) the closet valve on the interior where the toilet connects to the tank. I had an on-site RV service guy inspect it and all can be fixed. The handle of the wastewater valve is broken off so it needs to be cut off and replaced completely. The closet valve is trickier to replace since it's threaded through and sandwiches the 3/4" plywood "floor" to the tank itself; either way it needs to go and options are being researched. Otherwise the tank is in good shape and can stay as is.

Kitchen Cabinets For just $25 I bought a base cabinet and matching doors from the local ReStore which fit out most of my new kitchen. They were pretty standard in appearance. Using a compound miter saw and Liquid Nails adhesive, 1/2" half round trim added dimension and the diamond geometry (found on the original backsplash and shower surround) is a feature that will carry throughout.

Bedroom Opening The bedroom opening trim is adhered and the cut out begins. Cutting through the 1x framing is proving difficult and will take some time, but the end result will definitely be worth it if done correctly.

2nd Ceiling Panel Second ceiling panel cut and framed up; this one will support the central ceiling fan. The process this time was slightly simpler with about 5 coats of amber shellac (sanded between each) and two coats of clear. Another trim piece is built and, unlike last time, I took into account the overhang of the top board to sit on the rabbeted wall (lessons learned...).

Kitchen Faucet

The end to a long-running search for the most unlikely of things... a kitchen faucet! While away I stopped at Ikea and came across this great single-hole fixture. Score.

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