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WEEK FIFTEEN: Wall/Roof Construction, Interior Framing & Shower Pan

Interior Cabinets

The left side of the bedroom partition is installed; this gives a lot of rigidity to the exterior wall and provides a surface for the first ceiling panel to attach to. Lower cabinet install can now begin.

Wall Rabbeting

I've been waiting for my schedule to align with a clear day to start re-framing the ceiling. I finally pulled back the roof metal and got to starting the rabbeted edge for the panels to drop onto. I posted a tutorial on this which walked through the process (you can see it here), and thankfully it's going pretty smoothly! One side wall done in the rear of the trailer. Unfortunately the top board split on the opposite wall and needs to be replaced.

Ceiling Panels

Dropping the first ceiling panel in isn't far so I've cut the first panel to fit and glued the rafters for additional support before lifting the panel in place (a good tip picked up on VTT). I was between a few finishes: clear shellac, amber shellac, and teak oil. I quickly eliminated teak oil because 1) it had a very similar appearance to the clear shellac on the Okoume and 2) I could mix the clear and amber shellacs for a range of hues, but could not mix teak oil with shellac since it's water based. I then compared the clear to the amber shellac and while I originally anticipated the clear as a better fit I ended up finishing with a few coats of amber. It's difficult to tell in the pictures (if it was based on that, I might have stuck with the clear) but the finish was left looking very flat and a bit on the pink side. The richer amber hue will add a lot of warmth.

Shower Pan

I picked up the shower pan and it's significantly better than before. The surround is still in need of some work (hoping for the aluminum to stay exposed rather than powder coating), but the pan is sealed and ready for install.

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