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WEEK FOURTEEN: Bedroom Wall Framing, Camper Storage & New Router

I've been anxiously waiting to get to this point and now that I'm here it's a bit unnerving to take the dive. The partition that will divide the bedroom from the main cabin is structured around storage cabinets accessed from both sides. While planning the new framing for the interior, storage is critical with such limited space to take advantage of. From the cabin you will have storage for small kitchen items on the left and under-bed storage below. On the bedroom side there is a small storage nook at the head of the bed and a large built in cabinet at the foot end with an open shelf above.

I just received my new router in the mail and tested it out. Before this I was getting by cutting the wall openings with a circular saw and hand sawing the corners - this router is worth every penny. Probably more. Using a top-bearing drill bit I was able to use the framing as a guide and coast right along. The wall slipped in snug through the back of the trailer and after fastening it to the sidewalls for support I was able to remove a few of the make-shift ceiling supports.

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