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WEEK THIRTEEN: Work Space Reno, New Hardware & Shower Progress

This week was largely split up between traveling for work and heading out for the last long weekend of the summer, but before I left I was able to squeeze in an exciting side project.

The inevitable question: how does one store a camper this size when the harsh New England winter rolls in? And does that mean it's locked up and put on hold until the spring? I'm gettin' antsy and without working through the long winter months I could be looking at another summer in the very least. I'm really hoping to be on the road by fall of next year.

The solution: a building on my family's property has been used as a storage shed for years. With some interior walls removed the space opens up into a huge room large enough to fit the trailer and even a couple of cars (and the overhead clearance just squeaks by). All it needs is a garage door and if I can tap into power (since the building had been previously hooked up to our old house electric) I might be able to keep working after it's pulled in. With a couple days of hard work and help from my family the wires were pulled and walls removed (my stepfather finished up the last bit of demo while I was away during the week). Feeling pretty fortunate. Moving onto door install next.

Otherwise I'm picking up pieces little by little. I purchased new plumbing hardware for the shower, but I'm mostly excited about the great set of vintage boomerang/chevron cabinet pulls I found.

I also got some updates on the bathroom. The paint is being stripped off of the surround and shouldn't be an issue however the shower pan chipped during the full sandblasting. I small area around the drain broke away due to rust around the exposed underbelly of the pan. Fortunately, the way the drain is seated suggests the trim/gasket/plumber's putty should substantially seal right around it. Can't guarantee until I put it back together but I'm feeling pretty okay about it.

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