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TUTORIAL: Mobiltec & Trailer Construction

The past couple of weeks I’ve been chatting with someone who knows a whole lot more about trailer construction than I do – a guy out in California by the name of Larry (aka MobilTec) who's been reconstructing vintage trailers since the 70’s and was so willing to help. He has a diverse background and it’s been fun picking his brain. I wanted to reflect on the work I’d done thus far and verify construction techniques. Ends up the ceiling is the only thing I need to revisit. It was a bit rough but this was the place to learn and I didn’t mind being an example of the learning curve.

He’s doing a mini-series in response to a few questions I had since he’s also working on a Shasta Super 18 and has the means to walk through the process. His first update was posted today and he walks through the overall history of this model camper while touching on some over-arching points. Potentially biased given how much I love these travel trailers, I found the information to be straight forward and super interesting.

Check out his YouTube channel for more tutorials here.





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