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WEEK TEN: Roof Insights, Interior Veneer and New Wings

This week slowed down a little. I wanted to step back/evaluate upon closing in on exterior construction so I joined an online forum: Vintage Trailer Talk. I can confirm that I've arrived at this point in good shape however... I didn't get off scot-free. A few weeks ago a heavy rain passed through and the roof substantially leaked; the water was pooling around the vents since the roof wasn't properly intact so I hastily framed up the ceiling. While it's sturdy when stationary I wasn't fully tapping into the mobile-home-traveling-down-the-highway-at-60-mph mindset. VTT proves a great place for brutal but infinitely helpful feedback and I'll be revisiting the roof construction per all of this new insight. Coincidentally there is another member - someone with years of restoration experience - who is renovating the same camper and has offered guidance. Since I'll be needing to install the ceiling panels earlier than anticipated I went down to Boulter Plywood in Somerville, MA and grabbed some 1/8" African Mahogany (aka Okoume). It's an imported hardwood known for it's strength and lightness while having a beautiful warm tone. It's also commonly used in marine applications due to being laminated with exterior grade adhesives whereas many veneers (such as birch and maple) are laminated with interior grade. In my case, achieving a tighter radius with 1/8" wood could mean leaving it submerged in water overnight which would result in delamination of interior grade plywood.

Lastly I got to building a new set of Shasta wings this week. I wanted to fabricate a new set on a budget and the process has been posted here.

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