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WEEK NINE: Side Wall Insulation, End Wall Framing & Pause/Reflect

It’s been rainy off and on here so the camper spent much of its time tightly-tarped. I’ve been piecing in the insulation (3/4” DOW Styrofoam board) on the side walls and began taping all joints with Reflectix reflective insulation tape. The front wall is entirely framed/insulated and the lower rear wall panel is installed. I’ve built the wall panels, insulated and taped them before putting them in place from the inside and fastening them from the exterior with 2” screws. The angled end wall panels were miter joined and in order to fasten them together, I picked up some corner braces at Lowes and bent them to the angles I needed.

Currently taking some time to reflect on what’s been done thus far. Hashing out how to move forward with the roof, assuring connections are adequate and finalizing some critical floor plan decisions among other things.

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