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THE BEGINNING: New Project. | Challenge Accepted.

Let me start by saying how fearful/thrilled I am. Tiny homes and small space living is something I find super interesting. While this is not quite a tiny home, it's fair to say that travel trailers share many of the same design challenges on a scale that isn't completely impossible for beginners.

The reason for this project isn't unique: I work a desk job and wanted a more manual project, to build something with my own hands, bring something from paper to fruition, yada yada. I've started this simply looking to come out the other side with a better understanding about traveling homes and how they're put together. Every system, every connection. Shasta is just one type of these early campers and the 'toaster' construction seemed like a fair place to begin. I based my decision partly on the wealth of shared knowledge available but mostly I was hooked by the distinctive wings.

Disclaimer: I have essentially no experience with travel trailers. They are something I've admired but not something I know much at all about. I'm learning as I go and this blog is being created to follow the process; I hope that this will both encourage conversation and bring in expertise where I will most definitely be needing it.

The Camper:

Let's start with a few cons:

  • All gas lines cut.

  • All propane appliances removed (stove, refrigerator, water heater, space heater...).

  • No working interior electrical.

  • Poor roof structure.

  • Interior water damage.

  • Floor rot.

And now the pros:

  • Aforementioned cons = price negotiation.

  • All exterior running lights in working order.

  • New tires.

  • Solid trailer frame.

  • All windows intact/functioning properly.

  • Exterior aluminum skin in need of minimal repair.

  • Minimal roof leaking.

  • One of the few vintage Shasta models that includes a shower (and the original plan sleeps eight!).

So while this may need an entirely new interior and substantial exterior revamping... I will be left with a completely new/customized camper inside and out. Updated finishes and appliances combined with a slightly improved floor plan will give this traveling home a new lease on life. Can't wait.

IF all goes as planned that is. IF.

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