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WEEK EIGHT: Roof Vents Replaced, Roof Framing Completed & End Wall Framing Begun

In preparation for the application of a new rubber roof coating roof vents replaced and roof framing substantially finished. I chose to go with Liquid Roof’s EPDM RV roof repair which is designed to be applied over existing coatings/sealants since mine is currently built up a bit and cracked due to the fact that the product likely wasn’t designed for extensive movement. After digging down through multiple layers of roof sealers (a seemingly tar-based coating and additional UV protectants) the roof vents were removed. Pipe vents removed but not yet installed due to rain delay. An electric powered fan replaced the vent in the main cabin for better air circulation and a simple translucent dome vent now installed in the bathroom. All surfaces were cleaned with mineral spirits beforehand and the opening perimeter lined with waterproofing putty tape. The rubber roof to be applied over top will guarantee a maintained tight seal. The lower front wall panel is framed/insulated with ¾” DOW Styrofoam board insulation and insulation tape applied over all joints to reduce heat transmission.

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