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WEEK SIX: Side Wall Construction Begins

The door/windows, trim, J-rail and siding has been removed on right side in order to begin construction on the first side wall. All screws are rusted or stripped so the gutters were pried off, resulting in them being slightly less salvageable than I hoped. Using the siding as a template I've stenciled the wall shape and assembled the framing while keeping in mind the floor plan I've created to give proper support within the wall (for cabinets, walls, etc). I've taken direction from a web series posted by Jennies Garage where the framing is completed horizontally before being lifted into place:

All framing is glued to the interior plywood veneer with Heavy Duty Liquid Nails before being stapled and then flipped over where the veneer is fastened to the framing with 1" screws every +-4" on center. The wall is lifted into place and sits on the steel frame so it can be fastened into the side of the floor structure with 2" screws.

Haphazard patches over openings in the metal siding are to be replaced with appropriate access panels/vents. I'm beginning to slowly but surely strip putty, sealant and paint from the aluminum siding before moving onto the left wall next.

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