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WEEK SEVEN: Side Wall Framing Completed & Roof Framing Begins

The left wall is in place! Using 2x4's as support, a few family members and a handy hammer I was able to slide the skin around the wall panel. Add a lot of discomfort/frustration to that and it was that simple. The siding was definitely less forgiving the second time around but it did fit. Both side walls are now constructed and I've begun roof construction (about half of the rafters are installed).

The red stripe accent on the aluminum siding is proving resistant. I'm now stripping paint for eternity and beginning to re-paint the base coat. All trim is being cleaned with mineral spirits to remove rust and residue. I've also picked up a great leaded glass window at an antique shop by the name of Abanakee Studios in Indian Lake, NY that will find a good home somewhere inside… someday…

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