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WEEK TWO: Demo, Frame Inspection & Envelope Repairs

This week entailed bathroom demo, removal of the remaining floor and taking down the headliner. Holes in the aluminum siding were patched with Eternabond Roof Seal Repair Tape on the interior and JB Weld on the exterior. JB Weld can be sanded and painted though I anticipate repairing the siding with Bondo Body Filler where there is more extensive damage. Rust along the aluminum floor sheeting in the rear was inspected and will be replaced/welded accordingly. There is also a crack in the lower front panel where it was dented which will need weld repair to keep water out since I am hoping to preserve all existing siding for now. While the trailer was not exactly rust free when I bought it I didn't find any rot, and upon being inspected for compromised structure it was confirmed that the frame was solid with no issues found beyond a single weld that could be reinforced.

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